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    1. Domain Appraisals

      The most comprehensive & accurate domain name appraisal service – buy today!

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      Domain Appraisals

      • When purchasing or selling a domain name, just like in real estate, the first order of business is to know the value of the asset.
      • In order to get the most accurate and professional valuation for your domain name, you need experts in the field who have been in the industry for many years and understand the market inside out. Our experts have decades of experience and have concluded transactions totalling well into the millions of dollars.
      • Each domain name is unique and has many factors that contribute to its value. This is why PerfectDomain handles each appraisal with scrutiny, carrying out the necessary research and analysis manually in order to deliver the most accurate appraisal. We have our own unique set of tests, standards, and metrics to give you the most precise appraisal of your domain.
      Estimated traffic and number of backlinks
      Search volume for the keywords in your domain
      Competition amongst advertisers for your domain
      Cost Per Click (CPC) for the keywords in your domain
      Brand potential
      Domain age
      Easy to remember?
      Domain length
      Likelihood of typos
      Number of words in the domain
      Uniqueness and availability of alternatives
      Google PageRank (PR)

      For the most accurate appraisal of your domain name, PerfectDomain is the right choice. We charge $250.00 (USD) for our professional domain appraisal service. You will receive a documented analysis of all tests, standards, and metrics used to evaluate your domain.

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      Contact us if you would like to have more than one domain appraised and ask us about our discounted price for bulk appraisals.