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    1. About Us

      PerfectDomain is an industry-leading domain marketplace.

      The perfectdomain story

      The founders of PerfectDomain have been in the domain-name industry for over two decades. They have seen the market grow from bare bones to what it has become today - and they see it growing still. There is no denying that generic premium domain names always have and always will have tremendous value. There is only one problem: they are increasingly scarce and tremendously expensive. So, what’s the solution? Enter www.xhhk02.cn!

      We asked ourselves: “How can we help businesses that are having a difficult time finding their unique, catchy brand?”

      Hiring a branding agency to help create your brand can be very costly - some of them can charge well into the six-figure range for their services. By creating a clear, simple, easy-to-use experience, we enable you to find the perfect domain in the most convenient and affordable way possible. Rather than focusing on ultra-premium domains that are rarely available and that hardly any companies can afford, we saw an opportunity to focus on brandable domains that would give startups unique and memorable identities right away without breaking the bank.

      Don’t waste valuable time playing cat and mouse trying to find the right domain, seeing if it’s available then negotiating a price only to be disappointed and having to restart over and over again. Instead, allow us to bring an element of convenience to an often frustrating and exasperating process.

      Nothing makes us happier than giving small businesses a head start by helping them find a truly unique and striking domain. Their Perfect Domain!

      Thank you for using PerfectDomain and please let us know how we can help.
      The PerfectDomain team

      DesignContest LLC
      2121 E Tropicana Ave #2
      Las Vegas, NV 89103

      Why choose us?

      PerfectDomain is the perfect marketplace to find your premium, hand-picked brand.

      • Verified sellers
        Verified sellers
      • Highest quality domains
        Highest quality domains
      • Personalized transaction support
        Personalized transaction support
      • The industry’s leading experts
        The industry’s leading experts
      • Clear, user-friendly UI
        Clear, user-friendly UI
      • Trusted transfer process
        Trusted transfer process
      • Independent 3rd party data
        Independent 3rd party data